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Cheetahs - Cats - Habitat and Range

 Cheetahs - Cats - Pictures
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Cheetahs are found in temperate grasslands and tropical savannas. The species prefers dry climates. It can survive without water for a long time since they obtain much of the fluids they need from their prey. Open habitats that allow good overview of the surroundings are best for the Cheetah. They also like elevated places that help to better locate prey and hunt. When hunting, Cheetahs bend with bush and scrub and stalk their prey.

The population of Cheetahs has greatly been reduced in the 20th century. Habitat loss and hunting were detrimental for the species. Nowadays, Cheetahs inhabit considerable territories of Africa. The largest population of Cheetahs is in Namibia.

Cheetahs - Cats - Food Habits

Cheetahs are carnivore animals. They hunt mainly the gazelle but can feed on smaller mammals such as rabbits, kudu, sable, and others. Cheetahs also eat birds. These wild cats are diurnal predators. They hunt mostly during the early morning hours and in late afternoon. As a rule, Cheetahs hunt every 2 to 5 days except for females with the juvenile that may hunt every day.

Cheetahs observe the area for prey, sneak up to it at the distance of about 50 yards, and accelerate. It should be said that not all hunts are successful. In most cases, Cheetahs fail to kill prey. Nonetheless, if the attempt has been a success, a Cheetah will kill the prey by biting it on the skull or throat. Since Cheetahs cannot always defend their prey from other predators, they have to eat fast.

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 Cheetahs - Cats - Pictures
Picture source:
Safari West

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 Cheetahs - Cats - Pictures
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Cheetah behavior is thoroughly understood by experts; a farm licensed to raise them will probably have a new baby once in a while.

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